Can Osteopathy help with knee pain?

Effective treatment for any knee condition is based on accurate diagnosis. 

Osteopaths are trained experts in musculoskeletal diagnosis and will help determine the cause of your knee pain. Once the cause has been found, a plan to get you pain free is developed based off what the patients needs and wants are.

Osteopathy can be effective for almost all knee conditions. 

Common conditions that are seen at Hobsons Bay Health Group are ACL injuries and various other ligamentous injuries (such as collateral ligament and PCL injuries). We also see more chronic types of pain like patellofemoral pain, patellar/quadricep tendinopathies and common conditions such as bursitis and osteoarthritis.

Whilst Osteopathy can help most things, it is not effective for any rare and systemic causes of knee pain such as cancer or infection. Otherwise there are many ways that an Osteo can assist you getting back to a pain free knee.

How do I know if I need a scan?

We send for scans for a few reasons:

  • If a diagnosis from the testing conducted in the consultation is unclear it is important to get a scan to find the what the problem is.
  • The other reason is due to a change in management. What that means is that if the injury is a suspected ACL tear a scan would confirm this plus or minus any other damage to surrounding structures. If there is damage to other structures (such as a meniscus) a referral to a specialist may be needed along side Osteo treatment.

If it is unlikely that a specialist review is necessary then your Osteopath may choose to continue with conservative management (treatment and rehab). At times certain injuries/conditions will require a referral to a specialist to aid the management process. Some of the common types of specialists’ Osteopaths refer are a sports physician or an orthopaedic surgeon.

If you’re unsure how Osteopathy can help you and your injury get in contact with us and we can definitely point you in the right direction to making you the happiest and healthiest you can be!!!

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Author: Osteopath, Dr Lachlan Buckley