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Corporate Wellness

One hour workshops designed and delivered in the workplace, to help Human Resources departments and staff identify and self-manage common injuries or complaints associated with sitting, heavy lifting, repetitive strain, sport or out of work accidents. 

What are Corporate Wellness Programs?

These programs are delivered by our team directly to businesses or councils, and show staff the most common injuries or complaints in the workplace, and how stretching and mobilisation techniques can assist in relieving some of the symptoms.  Workplace health issues related to sitting for prolonged periods or repetitive strain can be all too common for employees. Our Corporate Wellness Programs have been designed following extensive experience in seeing thousands of patients over many years. The injuries do not have to have been caused in the workplace, many workers bring existing conditions relating to accidents, sport or underlaying conditions.

Human Resource departments understand the importance of health and wellbeing of staff, knowing that healthier staff are happier, more productive and take fewer sick days. Our corporate wellness programs focus on prevention of injury through empowering and educating individual staff members about their own health and wellbeing. 

What should I expect from a Corporate Wellness Program?

During a workshop, participants are provided with information and education about the importance of stretching and moving at work. We go over the most common injuries and complaints, then participants are then guided through a series of exercises and stretches that help improve mobility and circulation. We provide Therabands and stress balls to all participants and provide links to demonstration videos for easier self-managed and ongoing care of their physical well-being in the workplace

Our corporate wellness seminars cover;

  • Common workplace complaints and injuries
  • The underlying causes of injuries and complaints
  • Stretching and treatment
  • Exercises
  • Prevention

Glenn has worked with local councils to deliver practical workplace health seminars that are relevant from everybody from office workers, those in operations, gardeners and councillors.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Wellness program?

Workshops are interactive and are typically an hour in length. They are designed specifically for the relevant workers attending so that they are able to learn how to manage and improve health issues related to sitting for too long, repetitive strain, heavy lifting, poor sitting posture and exacerbating any existing injuries.

Corporate wellness programs suit businesses of any size and have emotional and mental benefits as well as physical benefits for staff.

Commonly reported benefits can include;

  • Tension reduction in muscles
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Increased employee trust, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Reduction in stress related issues
  • Improved concentration.