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Come and visit our friendly team in Altona North for active treatments relating to all back pain and neck pain, sore knees, sciatica, headaches, migraines, strained or sprained muscles, sports injuries or general wear and tear.  Our Osteo is a trained Sports Medicine specialist, providing holistic treatments to get you moving pain free. 

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a non-invasive, hands-on treatment using techniques like stretching and mobilisation, dry needling, joint articulation, massage and spinal and joint manipulation. Our Hobsons Bay Osteos assist with pain management while also addressing the underlying causes of the pain, discomfort and injury.

Osteopathic Doctors assess and treat the entire body structure, using a holistic approach to treat injury, manage pain, improve health and wellbeing, improve mobility and prevent disease. An Osteo completes a Double Degree in (Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science) to then focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissues and internal organs are integrated in the body and function together. 

Osteopath doing neck treatment , in Altona North

What Do Osteopaths Treat?

Osteos treat a variety of complaints, conditions and injuries that relate to the spine, muscles and tendons.   Do you wake up with back pain and struggle to get out of bed? Does your shoulder click when you exercise or do you have hip pain? Did you wake up with a stiff neck or do you suffer Sciatica? Do you need to fix your sore feet or have pins and needles in your legs?  These are all common conditions that our Osteos in Altona North can treat. 

Osteopathy may provide assistance and relief from many conditions including;

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Stiff muscles
  • Migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Joint pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tweaked hips and bad knees
  • Bursitis

What Can I Expect from an Osteopathic Treatment?

Osteos are hands on using, using massage techniques, spine and neck adjustments and mobility assessments.  Osteo treatments are specific to your condition and complaint, are drug free and focus on rehab and prevention. We will get a complete medical history to work on a diagnosis, which manual therapies will best suit you and any ongoing treatment plans. If necessary, you may be referred for further tests such as X-Rays or MRI’s. The results of these tests assist us in making a holistic assessment of your condition. 

Most patients should experience improvement after a couple of visits, but more chronic conditions can be take more. We will also provide you with exercises and stretches to complete between appointments.

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