Dr James Goetz

Dr James Goetz

Dr James Goetz


BHSc & BAppSc (osteo)

James has a Bachelor of Health Science and Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT in Melbourne.

James wanted to become an Osteopath from the age of 15, as he wanted to understand why he was experiencing constant low back pain and what could be done to minimise or prevent it. Osteopathy provided the holistic approach he was looking for and how the body was seen as one functioning unit.

James takes a very client-centred approach to treatments and will involve you in the diagnosis of pain, the techniques used in each session as well as the exercises prescribed. Techniques offered by James will be both direct and indirect, as he aims to address the pain and the structures and mechanisms causing it.


Please wear a mask over your nose and mouth when entering the premises and for all treatments. Thank you.