Why am I waking up with a headache?

Waking up with a Headache

There is nothing worse than starting off your day with a headache, but for 1 in 13 people this is a reality. 

There can be many causes for this happening that include; insomnia, depression/anxiety, grinding your teeth, snoring or sleep apnea.  

The ones we are focusing on helping with here at Hobsons Bay Health Group are people that are prone to migraines and strained muscles (which can be from your pillow). 

Migraines are a chronic problem for some people and can be difficult to pinpoint the cause, which can lead to frustration. But the Watson Headache Approach shows suggestions that migraines have a biomechanical component to them, helping to fix this can lead to a reduction in symptoms and may reduce the occurrence of waking up with headaches

Even if you aren’t a migraine sufferer you can be waking up with a headache, a number of factors can be the cause of this, most likely it will be coming from your neck. Having the correct pillow is important as it will keep your neck in the right position when you sleep at night, too soft and your head will sink into the pillow and too hard will cause your head to be elevated and stiff.
Other factors for morning headaches include: Not drinking enough water, stress, new bed/pillow/sleeping arrangements, inconsistent bedtime routine, excessive screen time before bed.

Some symptoms that are concerning and should be looked at by a doctor if you have a headache are: Visual disturbances, loss of balance, light sensitivity, vomiting, nausea, neck pain in spine when bending head forward

How can an Osteo help my headache?

Osteos take a holistic approach, we are thorough and will go over your case history and lifestyle  factors to try and determine what is causing your morning headaches. 

An osteo will look at your neck to see if there are and biomechanical problems that can be addressed through and go through a range of mobility tests. We can than provide any necessary stretches and exercises to go along with your in-clinic treatment and recommend behavioural changes that could be implemented. This might be using a nightlight on your phone before bed, staying hydrated throughout the day, investing in a better pillow or doing stretches and mobilisation at work. 

If we can’t treat your headaches, we can send you in for an MRI or X-Ray and refer to you another specialist if needed. 

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